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Recently, I took a family trip to Colorado. We drove 2 days to get there. Something we actually enjoy. As we drove through the 3 mountain passes to get to our house, we passed cars parked on the side of the road. These cars were there as it was getting dark.  Obviously, people were camping… overnight…. in the mountains… at 9,000 feet... In below freezing temperatures…. with wild animals… with no cell service… and the list goes on. I wish I was that adventurous and physically able to do those type of things. I am not.

On one day of our trip, we went to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It is one of my favorite places. Every time I go, I see young adults or those my age (who are in much better physical shape than I) discussing their hiking plans with the Ranger. I wish I was that adventurous and physically able to do those type of things. I am not. Seriously! I tried hiking a very flat area from point A to point B (not that far). I turned back after about 1 minute of “hiking” because the deserted landscape and rustling noises made by the wind scared me. What if I ran into a serial killer camping in the woods?  (Yes, I read a lot of criminal thriller books. I probably should stop that.) What if some hibernating animal that I woke up attacked me? (Yes, I have quite the imagination. I actually thought more about snakes but I’m pretty certain snakes and temps below freezing at night don’t go together. In my defense, I was “hiking” by myself and had no cell service.) My point is….. I wish I was that adventurous and physically able to do those type of things. I am not.

Yes, I have an adventurous spirit but not enough to go it alone. I think this is the reason my favorite tour company I work with is G Adventures. They make adventure travel possible for people like me. Those that want adventure but don’t have what it really takes to be adventurous on their own. Or those who just don’t have the physical capability to climb mountains or ski through the backcountry of Colorado. G Adventures has such strenuous type of trips but they also have so many that are perfect for people like me.

My adventurous spirit is going to be satisfied in October 2017 when I take a group of fellow travelers to Italy to “live like a local”. We are going to stay in an Agriturismo. A fancy word for saying we are staying in a farmhouse owned by an Italian Family. Just your basic B&B in the Italian countryside. We have to hike 30 minutes uphill to get to the farmhouse! We will go on a guided hike of the “Walk of the Gods”. We will spend 3 hours walking and learning about Pompeii. Daily walks and excursions to explore the hillside towns of Sorrento and Positano are in my future. The Isle of Capri will be visited and who knows, I might even get the courage to try the Blue Grotto, although I know there is no way my claustrophobic husband will enter with me. I’ll do all of this because (1) I’ll have a G Adventures CEO with me who can speak the language and lead me into safe areas and (2) because the tour is rated a 3 out of 5 on the strenuous scale.

G Adventures is my way of doing adventure travel. Not too strenuous and safer than if I ventured out on my own.  here is space on our Italy trip for 6 more people. Single travelers are welcome and don’t have to pay a supplement if you are willing to share a room with a same-sex roommate. So, if you are a little like me and want to satisfy that adventurous spirit, let me know. We would love to have you join us in Italy for a little adventure that is just our style – we even get to make our own Limoncello! Who can beat that kind of adventure?

Happy Travels,

Tina Shands

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